Monday, May 01, 2006


Here are the introductions to PdvFirstBlog and SimpleOracleDBA,

  • Intro - if available - This is where I started my my blogging era

  • Simple oracle DBA - The main topic.

  • Various Oracle Tips and Rants and Opinions, all to do with practicalities.

  • Simple Oracle DBA - Availability, Scalability, Manageability... It has to be Simple

  • Bitmap Indexes on an OLTP system - ORA-00060... Classic Deadlock

  • Backup on a different Level - in the SOA layer.

  • How To Pool Connections - One of the challenges

  • Databases Everywhwere - Systems and Databases, how many databases.

  • ILM, Information LifeCycle Management - another Three Letter Acronym.

  • Index Organized Tables - Many Benefits

  • txt - txt.

  • txt - txt.

  • UKOUG - I do value my usergroup events.

  • Various Rants, all to do with practicalities.

  • In times of Crisis you call the DBA - Who you gonna call...

  • Rationalize TOAD - Toad will find a way...

  • M O O W - Miracle Oracle Open World...

  • My blog-plug for the Conference - UK Oracle USergroup...

  • Travel related stuff.

  • Angel of the North - My most visited leasure page...

  • Inconvenience of Leeds Bradford International Airport.

  • Eurostar is Perfect - Very comfortable and reliable.

  • Colorado - Winter Park, actually.

  • Back to Normal - on the train.

  • Climate - Enjoy while it lasts....

  • Cricket - I have no clue.

  • Work, Dinners, Fun - and lots of miles on the train.

  • Angel - of the North, my most searched for picture.

  • UKOUG - my excuse to travel.

  • txt - txt.

  • txt - txt.

  • The usual links to groups etc..

    my agenda (normally at the right hand side of the blog)

    UKOUG main url

    Miracle BV

    the home of Oracle-L : Best Mailing list

    link to Oracle Forum.

    My own linked in profile (shameless plug)
    the mandatory linked-in profile...

    Dont believe me ? Google

    See you Somewhere, and say Hi if you feel like it!

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