Friday, April 28, 2006

Hello world (how many others would have this title)


Hi Yall!

After some company-sponsored and company controlled Blogs, this is my First Attempt at complete Freedom. Not counting the fact That I depend on and firefox to keep it all running.

Supposedly, I can include links to others, like the worlds most popular book (last years):

and pictures, see below..

I'll experiment a bit, before creating a more serious blog (e.g. this is my dev-testing site, I may consider an acceptance test as well before going full production)..



This is the footer...and this should be small text for disclaimers and the like. and some small stuff

Locations of visitors to this page And this text is placed next to the map. we could possibly hide some stuff here too for the benefit of the search-engines and if it is at color ffffff cam we put all sort of rubbish that we do not want readers to see. travel itinirary reservation ticket agent flight plane boarding attendant train connection rail ticket wait time booking flight boardingtime taxi ramp luggage suitcase trolley wheely laptop bagpack corpaorate wifi connection oracle. it will also be interesting to see what happens when this wrap around. or even if we put in spherus and worwood as additional word.