Thursday, March 05, 2009

Herding TOAD

You have to see the Fun side of this credit-crunch thing!

We had some great humour sprouting up inside our company when management went into cost-cut-panic. Hence the squeezed lemons.

And now this: A tech who turned maybe-manager and who will rationalize our TOAD license into "compliance".

Controlling Developers TOAD is like hearding Cats.
Actually, it is much harder then that!

(I think this was Pete Sharman's favorite line)

Here is an appropriate classic line by a Nerd from this 90s movie:

"The kind of control you are trying to exert is just not possible"

I am simply saying that Licenses eh Toads eh Life Finds a Way.

Luckily, the current office dinosaurs are not half as scary as the ones in the movie. But let me just check that My Green Friend is still legal, in case I get a spot-check on my laptop next week.

Never forget how a lean and mean american client, always brutally efficient, avoided to pay for a very complex and very bespoke report from the E-Business Suite:

"So, Who wants this report again? ... "

(....timid answer...., followed by a Grunt from the Boss)

"So what if we just get rid of him?"

Database wise, that is called Optimization by Elimination.
Funny that this client is still doing quite well...

Optimization by Elimination...
That reminds me of Dave Ensor...

My next Presentation on the Northern Server Tech Day might just be about Indexes, simple and advanced, and on what you can do if CBO doesnt "get it". Tapio and Richard Foote to the rescue.

Elimination is key. I'm still working on it.
Elimination of useless effort.
Elimination of Complexity.

Of course, I do not have the Definite answer to CBO headaches. 42, and some paracetamol may still be your best bet.

Update: Lisa and the folks at UKOUG have chosen to re-run my rather boooring presenation on "Is my Back(up) (re)covered ?". On the one hand I find it my most boooring presentation, but in the last 12 months, it has been The most asked-for topic I present on. I guess "Recovery" is even more of a fixation then the infamous CBO. I'll do a plug on the "Northern Server Day" later, but suffice to say York is a very nice town and the NS day is alsways a relaxed gathering of Oracle Professionals. Funny enough, there is a Scottisch DBA-SIG event the day after./

Anyway, one more about Rationalizing TOAD:

Respect to those who manage to ride this herd into town succsefully !

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