Monday, October 20, 2008

Birmingham UKOUG annual conference

If you can attend just one Oracle event per year: Come to Birmingham.

Despite the logo, the event is more then just a party:
The Conference...
The size of the event makes it unique and the provides a huge range of topics and speakers.

And if the bean-counters question the need for membership-fee and participation-effort, then question them on the amount of licensing- and consulting fees that need to be paid annually to this large software vendor....

Because if your employer is spending millions per year in licensing, they should at least make sure they keep checks on what other users do. A Usergroup is an excellent opportunity to discuss and argue with colleague-victims who are held hostage by the same vendor.

"The Conference" is one of the Largest and Best Organized non-Oracle-Oracle events (e.g. not organized by Oracle, but still about Oracle) on this side of the Atlantic.

Why do I really post this?

As always, the blogosphere is asked to plug, to promote and to web-Link this event into the search-engine rankings (the request went out weeks ago, and I am probably the last, fashionably late, blogger to put in an entry... But hey: there might be drinkies again at the blogger-event).

See you in Brum!

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