Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October Trip: SIOUG, HROUG and PGCONF.eu

Quick update of the plans for October.

This is the approximate route:

It will include 3 conferences.
The Slovenian OUG:

The Croatian OUG:

And the European PostgreSQL conference:

Drop me a message if you want to meet up on any of those events.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

OUG meetings Spring 2017

Planning is in the air.

This spring, if all continues to go well, I will visit six events in a nice, long spring "tour". And here is the Logo-and-Link-fest of the various events:

15-16 May, the Riga Dev Days (RDD):
Riga Dev Days.

24-26 May: Serbian Oracle User Group conference in Zlatibor:

Serbian Oracle User Group - Zlatibor Conference.

30 May: meetup of RoOUG

02-04 June: BgOUG spring conference :

15-16 June: the OGH tech experience:

Austrian Anwender Conference.

I cannot wait to get on the motorcycle again. On a map, it looks like this:

Hmm, if I stretch it, I could make an interactive Google-map with all the events + dates on it. But I'm too lazy; I'd rather go visit those places by motorcycle... 

The map link for the complete trip-plan is here, if you want to zoom in on the details: https://goo.gl/maps/1YvXPzCowMJ2 .

And if you live along that route and feel like grabbing a cup of Coffee while I check the Wifi Signal: Contact me!

Regrettably, I will have to skip two events due to time constraints: OUGF and ITOUG
I have politely cancelled going to Helsinki this year. I’m really sorry to miss the OUGF.fi Harmony event because it is always good quality content and nice social activities. I’ll try to be there next year folks. Kiitosh.

And, although I am very curious, I have to politely skip the (first?) Italian ITOUG tech day on 06 Giugno. I love to go to “new” places and start-up-usergroups, but this one would mean a race from Bulgaria to Milano. I hope to visit an Italian event soon though (it will mean going over the Alps and drinking Good Coffee, always a Pleasure!)

And by the way, I've done trips like this for 3 years in a row now. I know how to do this by now, and it is Great Fun. Check last year's tour on the interactive map-log at MyAdventure.bike...

See  you on an OUG somewhere ! 

Monday, January 09, 2017

Planning the route.

How can I resist Dreaming...

This would be a nice route to do in 2017:

I can get the additional motorcycle-insurance, and some cyrillic phrase-book to help me out. But the real questions are "time", "budget" and will I get enough papers accepted to have make it a "business trip".

The last 3 years, I rode the bike around central Europe (link to my OUG-Tour). I really enjoyed it and took lots of trophy-pictures.

Like this one from a UFO in Bulgaria:

And this one over the Alps:

But... I've never been inside Belarus, Россия or Ukraine yet. And with all the political hoo-haa going on and the fake/real/spin news we get these days I really would like to go and see some of those place for myself. Hence this wild idea (probably a few kilometers too far...)

Could I?
Should I?
If not this year then next?
But the plan begins to germ.

Back to work: I have abstracts to write and to submit.
To do any travel, I first need to get papers into 

Riga Dev Days
Oracle User Group Finland (OUGF.fi) 
Serbian Oracle User Group (SrOUG.rs)
Bulgarian Oracle User Group (BgOUG.org)

And several others on my wishlist, such as Portugal, Poland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia..

Anyway.. back to "real work"
(but I can Dream...)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Riding, this time to SROUG and BGOUG.

Here we go again: some shameless self-promotion, and a nice long motorcycle-ride in search of Knowledge.

I plan to visit (and speak, to justify the trip) at SrOUG and BgOUG.

The logos of those usergroups look like this:

alt text..


But my main reason for this blogpost is of course to publish the route. Once this is published, I am committed, I have to Go!

The intended route is here on googlemaps, that is the efficient version. Of course, I will try some extra Kms over enjoyable (mountain-)roads if I can.

Romantic version Here (dreaming...)

(not realistic, but one can dream...)

But I also have a schedule to keep, and some work to do.

Last year (link to routes..) , my "mistake" was to try and see too much and I have spent several days hurrying to be on time. Racing back from Helsinki to Debrechen, resulting slightly exhausted rides over the beautiful Transalpina and Transfagarasan passes.

This year, I will take more time to see things and talk to people (and taste coffee and local food).

During the this trip I will also work part-time for one customer (have to carry the extra laptop...) for which I will set up a base from a hotel/apartment in Zemun. And I will have some spare time to visit friends, events, interesting landmarks, or even customers if they occur.
Both Croatia and Slovenia are in easy riding distance, and I know there are some brilliant roads there as well.

Drop me a line if you want to meet. good Ideas, good Discussions, good Coffee: Anything can be an excuse to meet. Wifi and safe motorcycle parking are essential though.

Soo Ready..

Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Next Mission.

While all of you are running / swimming / drinking / shopping / dancing at the OOW party in SF, I'm planning my next trip.  Just another work-mission of course.

I will be speaking at SIOUG.si and HROUG.hr usergroup conferences together with some some old friends and lots in interesting new people that I look forward to meeting.

Check the links to the conferences here. SIOUG is in Lubljana, the lovely capital of Slovenia:

And HROUG is in Rovinj, on the Adriatic coast:

This trip will not be as long as expedition I did last summer, visiting 3 conferences, doing 12000km including some classic mountain passes. But I still look forward to riding a lot of interesting roads on the motorcycle.

Here is the approximate route-plan for the coming weeks:

the route.. click to enlarge

If anyone who lives along the route wants a quick consulting visit or simply has good coffee, drop me a note. I always like to stop by hospitable folks (and I may need to dry some clothes if the weather isn't cooperating)

In case of moderate weather, I will have to use the toll-roads and tunnels like everybody else, but if the weather is good, I will search out some real motorcycle roads !

Best thing I ever did: re-start my motorcycle-life after so many years!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Live to Ride....

Agenda Update! Here is what I plan to do in the next two months...
(remind me to update the list to the right... I'm not very disciplined blogger these days - will try to prioritize soon...)

As some of you know, I plan to visit several OUG events by Motorbike. Start date is 24 May, leaving from Spa, B. And return on the 23rd to The Hague, back to work (if I'm still in one piece, if my customers will still have me, if my colleagues havnt filled my seats..)

Firstly, the Bike (I named her Beauty-Case, you can check why) the Bike gets a large maintenance and new tyres (rear tyre is in dire need, I ride it way too much...). After I break in the tyres, it is off to the East, leaving on 24th.

If it all works out, than this is approximately the proposed route (c/o Google maps, right-click to new tab to zoom):

Of course, I'm posting the map with a purpose: If you live along the route and fancy a coffee or light meal, drop me a line.

First destination is SrOUG, which runs from 28 to 30May:

click to check them out....

Next is a trek north, through Hungaria, Slovakia, Poland, then the Via Baltica through Latvia and  Lithuania, on to Talinn in Estonia, where I have a Tallink ferry to catch for Helsinki.

OUGF happens at Haltia (google it!) on 05 and 06Jun.

After OUGF, which includes a night of Camping (Glamping, I hope), it is Ferry again to Tallin, and a trek south to Sandanski (that is surprisingly close to Greece, so yeah; South). Sandanski is where BGOUG takes place from 13 to 15Jun.

Proud to display this logo:

Then it is back to The Hague where, on 23Jun, I hope to take up residence in a new(ly rented) apartment with a nice View!

And back to work - the finance-chief of PDVBV (that is me!) will want me to fill the coffers after such a splash (and I might need a new rear tyre again).

BTW: Cross  fingers that the Internet connection at the apartment works by then. Imagine returning "home" after 9000km and no connectivity to brag about it...

Friday, August 16, 2013

PDVBV is alive....(and for hire!)

As some of you already know: I quit my "job" and started as an "indie".

I am now officially a mercenary: you can hire me.

The name of my new entity : PDVBV s.p.r.l/b.v.b.a.
The name is a reference towards my dutch-language heritage, the designation signify a belgian "Limited" company.

My aim is to look for jobs similar in content to what I did as a wage-slave: Part-time, advisory and troubleshooting jobs. I dont mind travel (on the contrary) and I would not want to be linked to a desk for 5 days permanently.
I'm lucky, my first customer-assignement is just what I wanted.

I'll update the blogs, my resume, Twitter, Linked-in, facebook etc... when time and usefulness permit (wanted to do that much earlier, but life is too short to mess with the internet all the time)
I may even start a PDVBV page somewhere.

Suffice to say : I should have done this much earlier.

The main reason to become indie is that I can now decide for my self where and how I can use the fruits of my labour. I notably dont have to tow party lines anymore (although...), and I can decide all by myself to plan/budget any visit to a conference or usergroup or any interesting gathering.
The straw that broke my camel's back: in-ability of previous employer to pay for a visit to the Scotland UKOUG event (or any other event for that matter).

I've taken back my freedom.

First trip: I intend to visit the AIM SIG of UKOUG in October. Look forward to meet some old friends there.

Given the development of my client-base, I already regret that I turned down invitations of SIOUG and HROUG. No worries: I'll make good next year, may even try to go by Motorbike - After all those years crossing the alps by car, I feel like riding a bike over those passes for a change.

Note: I currently ride a motorbike for Fun and necessity, but after handing in the company-cage, using a motorbike to commute to work feels quite liberating (at least for the summer).

(ps: I almost regret all the jokes I made about "urenzuigers", I risk becoming one of those myself).


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