Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Live to Ride....

Agenda Update! Here is what I plan to do in the next two months...
(remind me to update the list to the right... I'm not very disciplined blogger these days - will try to prioritize soon...)

As some of you know, I plan to visit several OUG events by Motorbike. Start date is 24 May, leaving from Spa, B. And return on the 23rd to The Hague, back to work (if I'm still in one piece, if my customers will still have me, if my colleagues havnt filled my seats..)

Firstly, the Bike (I named her Beauty-Case, you can check why) the Bike gets a large maintenance and new tyres (rear tyre is in dire need, I ride it way too much...). After I break in the tyres, it is off to the East, leaving on 24th.

If it all works out, than this is approximately the proposed route (c/o Google maps, right-click to new tab to zoom):

Of course, I'm posting the map with a purpose: If you live along the route and fancy a coffee or light meal, drop me a line.

First destination is SrOUG, which runs from 28 to 30May:

click to check them out....

Next is a trek north, through Hungaria, Slovakia, Poland, then the Via Baltica through Latvia and  Lithuania, on to Talinn in Estonia, where I have a Tallink ferry to catch for Helsinki.

OUGF happens at Haltia (google it!) on 05 and 06Jun.

After OUGF, which includes a night of Camping (Glamping, I hope), it is Ferry again to Tallin, and a trek south to Sandanski (that is surprisingly close to Greece, so yeah; South). Sandanski is where BGOUG takes place from 13 to 15Jun.

Proud to display this logo:

Then it is back to The Hague where, on 23Jun, I hope to take up residence in a new(ly rented) apartment with a nice View!

And back to work - the finance-chief of PDVBV (that is me!) will want me to fill the coffers after such a splash (and I might need a new rear tyre again).

BTW: Cross  fingers that the Internet connection at the apartment works by then. Imagine returning "home" after 9000km and no connectivity to brag about it...


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