Monday, September 17, 2007

Touting for Business

For the moment, October is heating up with a very full Agenda.

Remember, I must also bring in some bacon for my bosses. Hence keep an eye on my billability. Combined with various other activities and just-one-more-presentation popping up, It looks like October is counted for.

November, by contrast looks Quiet. First three weeks of November see a surprising drop in demand (demand for my services, that is). I am looking forward to doing some Research and Development, and to refresh my Hands-On experience.

But... as a good consultant, with respect to Shareholder value (not to mention my managers-managers-bosses who want to retire early) I should be charging my time Adding Value to some Customer (Mind you, November, and I'm stocked up on firewood...)

Anyway, need to get serious. Hence this simple Tout:

Hire Me. (in November)

I can poke fun at your vendors.
I can make your Architects Cringe.
I can make your DBA's laugh (or cry)

Simply put: I am an Oracle DBA.
For more of my credentials: see the right-hand side of this blog, or just Google me

NB: No FUD here, I will not stick around to eat all of your budget: I'm booked for the last week of November. Then I'm going to UKOUG (that takes care of 1st week of December), and then I'm booked for at least one week in December. And Christmas is approaching.

After the Holidays, I already have Various part-time commitments for January and February, so that looks good (to my manager).

But November has some space.
Hence the shout.


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