Friday, May 26, 2006

Kms... (miles for the imperially inclined)

Just did 3000+ kms for various job-assignments in the last two weeks, and used yesterday (a pub-hol where I live) to recuperate. To reassure the ppl I saw: it was great, and it already generated 1 company-sponsored blog-entry (so there!). I enjoyed the meetings (even the sales-pitch) and the disucssions. But I have had it with driving to work for the coming week!

Salon-based working is much more relaxing (that is lounge-based, for the non-french speakers).
I vote for couch (UK: settee) and self-brewn coffee.
Today, it is even cold enough here to warrant a fire in the fireplace. Great way to write reports.

The first hint to my work-related blogs:

And I think I need to generate another story entry on lpars, unix-deployment and risk-mitigation soon.

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