Monday, May 11, 2015

Riding, this time to SROUG and BGOUG.

Here we go again: some shameless self-promotion, and a nice long motorcycle-ride in search of Knowledge.

I plan to visit (and speak, to justify the trip) at SrOUG and BgOUG.

The logos of those usergroups look like this:

alt text..


But my main reason for this blogpost is of course to publish the route. Once this is published, I am committed, I have to Go!

The intended route is here on googlemaps, that is the efficient version. Of course, I will try some extra Kms over enjoyable (mountain-)roads if I can.

Romantic version Here (dreaming...)

(not realistic, but one can dream...)

But I also have a schedule to keep, and some work to do.

Last year (link to routes..) , my "mistake" was to try and see too much and I have spent several days hurrying to be on time. Racing back from Helsinki to Debrechen, resulting slightly exhausted rides over the beautiful Transalpina and Transfagarasan passes.

This year, I will take more time to see things and talk to people (and taste coffee and local food).

During the this trip I will also work part-time for one customer (have to carry the extra laptop...) for which I will set up a base from a hotel/apartment in Zemun. And I will have some spare time to visit friends, events, interesting landmarks, or even customers if they occur.
Both Croatia and Slovenia are in easy riding distance, and I know there are some brilliant roads there as well.

Drop me a line if you want to meet. good Ideas, good Discussions, good Coffee: Anything can be an excuse to meet. Wifi and safe motorcycle parking are essential though.

Soo Ready..


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