Thursday, June 29, 2006

Welcome Back - let me update your workstation.

Revisited a site where I had not been for 2 month.

My passwords needed immediate re-setting.
My customer-provided laptop had been stored in a locker under a desk for 2 months, and got bombarded with system-upgrades.
Took me about 2 hrs to get up and running again
probably not bad.

It was nice to be back though.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Wow - this is how flight should be

Wow-Factor: just had a Great flight from Brussels to LBA.

Partly cloudy, and a bit hazy so didnt get the nice view of Zeeland (wave to parents), but on entering the UK, the clouds were on 3 levels, and it was only partly cloudy. Weaving through the coulds gave us some GREAT VIEWS of cloud formations and the country below. Lots of Silver Linings too. This is what I enjoy most about flying (or any travel) : Gazing out of a window to some beautiful sights.

Combined with the fact that Embrears require you to board walking (jetway is too high), so you get the smell of real aviation (rubber, fuel, exhausts) and some rain (on landing), the experience of Real Travel is complete.

Now sitting comfortably in exec lounge of well known brand of hotels, enjoying my complimentary fruit and bitter lemon.
Nice close of the day.

Friday, June 16, 2006

salon based working - wow

Got some really boooring stuff to do, so trying to postpone it.

Have just worked two weeks in a new city, with hotel in comfortable walking distance of office, all smack-bang right in city centre. Good!
the hotel is part of the nice-chain, and very good.
the lounge/bar has free wifi access, and that is very convenient.
A nice change from the car-based working in my home-country.

But nice to be back in Maastricht office for a day,
and busy trying to only do the interesting parts of my job.
and got some really interesting feedback on the concept of my next professional blog/article.
more later...


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