Friday, July 16, 2010

Thanks Ron

I had no idea what he was up to.
And not used to have a (Yellow, Logica-)spotlight turned towards me unexpectedly.

Irony is difficult to convey on a blog, but Thx Ron!
(Should I look for a Thank-You sign in clip art, nah, sun shining outside....)
I'll handle the fallout on Monday, if time permits.

(and I'll get you for this Ron!)

Actually: the next blog was supposd to elaborate on the jury-process and other topics related to UKOUG Conference in Birminham.

That is the more important thing for the coming months:
How to get a flipping manager to pay for my trips/presentations to SIOUG, to Moscow, to Croatian-Usergroup, to Birminham and if possible one or two UKOUG SIGs.
The ever lasting struggle for the (non-existing) budget garded by the beancounters...


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