Friday, March 06, 2009

In a crisis, you call the DBA

There is renewed demand for Real DBA skills.

And I now understand why.

In these stormy days, there is an increasing need for sober, simple and honest craftsmen (and women). Solid DBAs who know their job, who do not over-stretch or over-promise, and who can tell it like it is.

It really helps that Customers have no more patience for FUDdies and timewasters.
The vendors of over-complex, every-expanding, ever more costly contraptions are the first to go. Houses of cards cannot stand the storm. And the groupies that dont carry their weight get blown away with them: They add no value to Real Application Business.

In these Fearfull times, the demand for Uncertainty and Doubt is suddenly gone, and there is a need for Real Application Solutions.

Those who tried to boast their CV by implementing ever-more-misty FUD and "business" oriented layers of complexity are now finding a deaf ear. The Customer is too busy surviving, and their shiny layered contraption may have to go in the freezer, or down the drain. Simple Real Application Survival is more important.

I have always liked a good crisis.

A crises is when you call your DBA.

A crisis is the moment, the Opportunity, to solve some Real Application Problems.

And remember Professor Dijkstra:

"Simplex Veri Sigillum"
simplicity is the hallmark of truth.

Dijkstra then went on to state:
"Unfortunately, Complexity sells better"

Customers got wise.
Customers stopped buying!

And many sensible customers are actually using this so called "crunch" to reduce the complexity. The cold wind will blow away the chaff, and leave more room or serious, quality engineering.

Simple, solid and robust systems are de rigeur again. Real Application Simplicity.

Tip for salesmen: If you want to sell anything: try selling something simple.

PS: Thanks to a Miraculous friend for inspiring this blog! I hope his presentation went well, and I told him:
In case of doubt: Choose the more Simple solution.

Real Application Simplification is the word!


Alex Gorbachev said...

"simple and honest women"

Piet, which planet were you on while writing this? It's impossible. :)

PdV said...

you simplified the quote...
I had written: "simple and honest craftsmen (and women)".

but yeah, I agree, there are things that never seem simple...


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