Monday, July 30, 2007

Broken Laptop - Again

Laptop broke on Tuesday, 13 days ago.
Disk made funny vibrating noises and screen said "non system disk or disk error".

Had to use loaner PCs everywhere to get By.

Had to schedule appointment in a far away location on Monday, now 7 days ago where the helpdesk decided it would not replace my harddisk, as it seemed miraculously repaired barring some "bad sectors".

The lappy kept working throughout the week.

But... This Saturday, after a brief mail check and a brewing a cup of Coffee, I came back to the office-with-the-view to find the same error on my screen.

Shock. HORROR.

After some quiet calls to India, again, (and some in-the-void SHOUTING from pure frustration) I am now waiting for them to direct me to yet another far away location to have another good chat to a helpdesk repair person.

Many thanks to the folks who lend me their PCs. As luck has it, many desks are unused during the holiday season.

NB: the very un-PC image miraculously turned up when Google-images looked for "helpdesk repair".... ?


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