Friday, November 13, 2009

Catch the Wave

Got the invite, and I jumped in. I have actively tried to surf some googlewaves with a few friends, but I do get the feeling this is a case of Emperors Clothes sometime.

How many of you have actually stood on a surf-board or even windsurfed? Both are not easy - well not to clumsy impatient geeks like me. But once you "get it", the experience is Excellent!

How many realize that the perfect wave is something very ethereal. To be catched when it happens, and to never return. We all have our "perfect wave" moments, but I'm not sure if gee-wave is one of mine

The good thing of this new wave is to link up, again, with ppl I appreciate, and some I had nearly forgotten.
And the gadgets look mint to: cool voting widgets, maps, all sort of embedded content. And we havnt even seen the "wave" of applications that can be built with the API. If Facebook is anything to go by, wave has a huge Gee-Wizz potential.

But the down-side is that it seems to take much more time then plain email, skype-chat, yahoomessenger, msn, googlechat, whatever. And that live typing is relatively slow from most connections I have used so far. Any way I can turn that off?

Does anyone remember IRC or ICQ chat ?
Anyone used the the VMS and unix "phone" utility ?

And now we have facebook (mafia wars!), hyves, skyrocks (my 13yo has about 7 hompages there, for various purposes), LinkedIn, google-talk and twatter. And with Google Lattitude, several ppl (+ all of google) keep track of my whereabouts already.

Tomorrow we will be on gwave and lattitude (and a few more that only my kids know of).

A UKOUG Conference-promotional wave anyone ?

I'm only a Simple Oracle Dba, and I'll try not to be a Luddite.

Okokok, just got a txt msg asking if I could check a certain wave that mentions an email of about an hour ago...


mwidlake said...

Oh for the love of...

Piet, it's all fluff. You can't beat sitting down in a bar (or a cafe, or a restaurant, or a park bench) with a pint (or a coke or a cup of coffe or whatever) and talking to people. Nothing beats talking to people.

OK, sometimes geography and time stop the physical meeting, so you resort to Technology, but unless that technology gives me something miles better then VMS phone (was it phone? Or Chat?) then heck,I'd rather have one thing everyone uses than a dozen things lots of people use.

Except maybe one thing for everyone and one other something dedicated to the youngsters, and I mean Dedicated. They have their own thing us oldies can't touch until they get old enough to realise, hey, all those oldsters were young once and they are just like "us".
But with bad taste in music :-)

Anonymous said...
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