Thursday, April 08, 2010

Schedule of events

Rush jobby blog, with some shameless touts.
But since everyone else is doing it all the time: here is my schedule for April and May.

I will skip MOW2010, partly for budget-reasons, partly for lack of time and partly because there is so much else to do, but still: Recommended!

My Manager (boss) and my project managers (more bosses) keep reminding me there is actual work to do.
Dont I know it: I just spent Easter-weekend on a cutover. But all seems to go smooth. The few problems we have are of the human kind, and I now have time to write in between the babysitting of the new systems.

I _am_ going to the UKOUG Northern Server Tech Day in Leeds on 29 April and hope to catch up with a few buddies from the UK (I did spend 1 year in Leeds, many months in Sheffield and Manchester, and almost 3 years in Newcastle, so "The North" got to feel a bit like home to me).

In May, there is first the Seminar with Chris Date on 13 and 14th (see earlier blog).

Then there is EMEA-Harmony event in Talinn.

And finally the UKOUG Scotland Conference Series in Glasgow.

Hope to see a good number of you all on one or more of these events.

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