Thursday, May 17, 2007


To all you occasional viewers.

I've been in too many different places lately.
It was great fun (well, most of it, not all of it) but I'm way behind on updates to the blog.

Will try to post my pictures of the trip to the angel soon.

todo list:
- contact all the interesting folks I met, notably in London.
- submit abstracts for UKOUG brum (two, I now have them written).
- plan/book/arrange trip to Wolverhampton (I found it on the map...)
- file expenses...
- finalize my ppt for the DBF-Scotland.
- update this blog (bottom of the stack)
- post my piccies from the field-trip to the Angel.

Oh, and take some time out to recover.

Edit: I need some quick links, and this a good way to store them:


Databases and Systems

connection pools

Revealing RAC SIG

UKOUG 2006

UNIX SIG jan 2007


Norther Server Day

UKOUG announcement

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